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MSI Forum Mod calls us all criminals and

"Bit mining is a very questionable activity. Who knows where the money comes from, much less what the data or the cryptography is actually used for. It is well known for hiding money for both corrupt and terroristic purposes. "
This is what the bozo actually said to me. I posted a thread asking about Fan replacements and Aftermarket Coolers for MSI 270x and 280x. My thread was locked after I reported that I was repeatedly harassed by another member in the thread.
Me: I bought 4 MSI cards back in Dec, 2x270x and 2x280x. 3 out of 4 of my cards have issues already with regards to fans. Grinding, noisy, and stuck. Yes my system is clean and I've tried canned air on them numerous times. From what I've been reading the fans are just poor quality in general when it comes to heavy users like us miners. Rather than ship these off for RMA which will take 3 months and result in a huge loss mining I'd like to just replace the fans myself. Not concerned about warranty. I'll happily give that up. The cards paid for themselves long ago.
Since I can probably buy 10 sets of fans for the cost of shipping the cards back I'd much rather that route :)
Can I get the part # for the fans please? Or could someone please point me in the right direction for a similar fan that would fit without any modifications?
Alternatively if there are any good 2slot aftermarket coolers that fit these gpus please let me know.
Its a shame the fans are so bad on these cards cause they perform extremely well otherwise. MSI pls take note.
Another Forum User referencing rules: Don’t…
Mod response after repeat harassment of above forum user:
"I'll make this simple. They linked you to technical support. That's all we can do. If you don't want to follow the forum rules you agreed to when you made an account, then that is your choice, but you were warned by them, now you've been warned by me. There are plenty of online retailers that sell aftermarket coolers. A simple Google search or amazon search will yield numerous results. That's as much help as anyone here can provide. With that, I'm closing this flame thread, as we do not support 'mining, bitcoining, or other questionable activities'.
The next time I see something like this from you, 6strings, I will be forced to take real action."
Threatening me?
Now to PMs.
Me: Please tell me what rule I broke.
I wasn't asking about Bitcoin mining whatsoever.
I am asking about the fans on the cards I have, and what aftermarket coolers users may be using.
Is this against the rules in anyway?
ou clearly stated in your post what you were using them for. We clearly state in our rules we will not support bit mining in any way. You want new fans? You can either contract MSI for RMAs or find some after market coolers. As I stated, Google will produce some results, as will amazon.
Bit mining is a very questionable activity. Who knows where the money comes from, much less what the data or the cryptography is actually used for. It is well known for hiding money for both corrupt and terroristic purposes. While you may not be using it for this purpose, doesn't mean others don't. Which is why this forum follows this stance.
Me: I'm sorry you lack a proper understanding of Bitcoin. You are grossly misinformed I'm afraid. I suggest you do some research on the subject. Much has changed and the public perception is not clouded by false judgments anymore. It is widely accepted. Even major Tech retailers like Tigerdirect accept it and sell mining specific equipment. There are sites like where you can buy a gift card for just about any major retailer with bitcoin. Fully legit site supported by those retailers. Banning talk about Bitcoin is no different than banning talk about Paypal or Credit cards at this point in its evolution.
I'll be happy to steer you in the right direction. We're good honest hard working folks. There is no "nefarious hashing". Bitcoin itself is open source. See for yourself. Where these crazy notions came from I have no idea but they are completely false and misguided. Its quite sad really. A lot of bright people have missed the boat on something big because of this nonsense. Come visit our communities. a good place to start. Take a look around. Ask questions. Or pop into and have a chat with us. I'm there often and so are many other good people. We're building a new world here and everyone is invited to be part of it. No need to be so dismissive.
The majority of issues with crime and Bitcoin come from hackers or con-artists. This has nothing to do with the coin itself. Much like the early days of Ebay. Ebay wasn't scamming folks but criminals were using Ebay to do so. You see what I mean?
If I make a post asking for information on fans or aftermarket cooling solutions are you going to delete it? No mention of mining or bitcoin. Just straight up request for info.
Clearly that itself doesn't break any rules. I don't want tech support. I want info from MSI users. Surely MSI won't give me information on aftermarket cooling solutions for their products as that would void warranty and MSI itself will not help a user void their warranty. Even if I give up my warranty voluntarily they won't budge. I've been down that road already. Thus why I am here.
I'm sorry that you can be so deluded. What you want to believe doesn't change the fact that it is still possible. If it's possible, people will do it. If you haven't figured that out in life, I'm sorry for you. Yes, some e-tailers may accept it, and the public view is slowly changing. Unfortunately it doesn't change the fact that you agreed to rules by joining the forum, and then berate users because they inform you of them. They are the rules and if you don't like them, you are welcome to post else where.
Lastly, you apparently still haven't gotten it, even after saying this multiple times. You can easily Google for coolers, or look on amazon. They exist.
So much ignorance in that misguided buffoon.
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Got a carried away with being able to purchase items with BTC...

I've managed to burn through a total of 2.9495 BTC in just the past few weeks, between buying gifts for the holidays and new mining hardware... I got carried away with being able to buy things with Bitcoin and almost depleted my BTC balance :P
Mining equipment (2.184 BTC): 2x ASICMINER Cubes
Holiday Gifts (0.7655 BTC): 0.0442 - 0.5923 - ($525 in Amazon Gift Cards) 0.0641 - ($60 in Sephora Gift Cards) 0.0649 -
(These were bought at all different times, so the BTC values varied between orders)
On the bright side, I got some new miners and I've been able to purchase ALL of my gifts for the holiday season using Bitcoin! =D
Figured I'd just share my first major experience using Bitcoin!
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Cryptsy v. Vircurex: A Primer for Low-Level Miners

So my little DualMiner has been mining away for about a week now, and all appears to be well with it: software works, fan is quieter than my fridge, Coinotron payouts are working, and so on.
That got me to thinking: How would I go about using my Dogecoin to buy things? Sure, I could go to and get some gift cards, but that only goes so far.
Let's say, for example, that I wanted to head down to Rise, a donut shop a few blocks from me, and get a couple of maple bacon bars for breakfast. Rise doesn't accept Doge, but it does accept Bitcoin. Maple Bacon Bars are $2.50 each. With tax, it's about $5.38. At current BTC exchange rates, I figure I'll need at least 0.01 BTC in my wallet.
So I take my Doge over to Vircurex to exchange it for BTC. It's a 0.2% exchange fee, so I'll need to cover that. I'll also need to cover the 0.002 BTC withdrawl fee. At an exchange rate of 0.000002 BTC per Doge, 5000 Doge = 0.01 BTC, but because of the exchange and withdrawl fees, the actual cost to get that 0.01 BTC is 6012.026 Doge. That's 1012.026 worth of fees -- a 20.24% markup!!!
Obviously, because the withdrawl fee is fixed, that markup goes down as the volume goes up. The problem, though, is that I can't really trade in high volumes. I've only got a little DualMiner cranking out 70kH/s, and it takes me 3-4 days to get 1000 Doge out of it. I need a better solution.
So I gave Cryptsy a try. The exchange fee is 0.3%, but the withdrawl fee is only 0.0005 BTC! So in order to get out 0.01 BTC at the same exchange rate, I only have to put in 5265.795 Doge -- only a 5.32% markup! Wow! Much savings!
So if you're a low-level miner like me, and you need to exchange your Doge for BTC, Crypsty is clearly the way to go. In fact, you can get better deals on Amazon gift cards using Cryptsy and Gyft than you can with (Not to knock the Moolah devs, as they're doing good work in helping Dogecoin gain wider acceptance, but at the current exchange rates, we're talking a 1,400 Doge difference for a $10 GC, and I'm not a rich enough shibe to dismiss that.)
tl;dr -- For small Doge-to-BTC exchanges, Cryptsy will save you a lot of Doge over Vircurex.
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