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Dogetipbot Gild Analysis: Jan 14, 2015

For the past couple of days, at least half of the gilds given were outside of the main Doge subreddits, which is great! Supporting the community through internal assistance and external “marketing” is what keeps us going. I’ve seen people talk about the downtrend in traffic to the /dogecoin, and my only response has been to look at the traffic to every cryptocurrency subreddit for comparison.
In fact, I looked at many, and here’s what I saw for unique visits:
Coin Chart 6 Months Ago Prior Month Increase (Decrease)
/Anoncoin no link
/Bitcoin link 767,207 690,898 -9.9%
/BitShares no link
/Blackcoin link 20,994 15,096 -28.1%
/counterparty_xcp no link
/CryptogenicBullion no link
/Devcoin no link
/digitalcoin link 413 230 - 44.3%
/Dogecoin link 261,311 142,398 -45.5%
/DRKCoin no link
/Einsteinium no link
/Feathercoin no link
/Flappycoin link 1,516 331 -78.2%
/FuelCoin no link
/Gridcoin no link
/Litecoin link 59,538 30,915 -48.1%
/Maidsafe link 1,396 1,277 -8.5%
/Maxcoin no link
/Mazacoin no link
/Megacoin no link
/Mintcoin no link
/Mooncoin no link
/Myriadcoin link 9,718 9,001 -7.4%
/Namecoin link 1,497 1,656 10.6%
/NobleCoin no link
/Nubits no link
/NXT no link
/Nyancoins no link
/PandacoinPND no link
/Paycoin no link
/Peercoin link 5,430 3,438 -36.7%
/Primecoin no link
/Quarkcoin link 4,599 1,957 -57.4%
/ReddCoin no link
/Ripplers no link
/Stealthcoin link 43 115 167.4%
/Stellar no link
/Tacocoin link 1,203 187 -84.5%
/Terracoin no link
/TopCoin no link
/Vertcoin link 40,404 19,009 -53.0%
/YBCoin no link
As you can see, just about every single subreddit that had stats and started with over 1,000 people 6 months ago lost a substantial portion of traffic. Also note: Dogecoin has the second largest active community, too! In just about every way, we’re here to stay, so don’t delay, and rock the day.
Also! Two members of our community made somebody else’s day a little brighter through a good ol’ fashioned gilding. Great job shibes! Here are the links to the comments given gold yesterday:
penguin-surgeon ->qzzn
mumzie -> lepaperbag
If you run across a comment that gives gold, let me know! Or if you give gold to somebody in a dogetipbot banned sub, send me the link so I can add it! When dogetipbot is banned from replying in non-doge subreddits, my counts are shaky.
Here’s the past week of activity broken out by the type of subreddit in which the gold was given:
Date (UTC) Total Gildings Doge subreddits Non-Doge subreddits
Jan 8 6 3 3
Jan 9 11 5 6
Jan 10 6 6 0
Jan 11 2 1 1
Jan 12 1 0 1
Jan 13 3-4 1 2-3
Jan 14 2-3 1 1-2
Also, the top givers of gold through dogetipbot (for all time up through yesterday) are:
Top Giving Shibes Number
mumzie 11
mohland 8
dvorwak 6
dogecoindripper 6
_lobster_ 6
brknthmb 5
Halio1984 5
pseudopseudonym 5
crundy 5
hammingen 4
Top Giving Shibes (Non-Doge subreddits) Number
crundy 5
mumzie 4
brknthmb 3
pseudopseudonym 3
_lobster_ 3
powerfunk 3
mohland 2
dogecoindripper 2
break_free 2
ThePumpThatWasAPoo 2
reifier 2
artfully_doges 2
For a graphical representation and more data, please check out the Google Docs spreadsheet.
submitted by break_free to dogecoin [link] [comments]

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